Friday, May 7, 2010


When I opened this account 3-4 months ago, I wanted to write about the subjects that bothered me. Ignorance, lack of tolerance, fear of going forward and getting better, being selfish enough to think you are the chosen one and your God is the one and your answer is the answer to whatever question, not being able to admit mistakes, not being humble, being judgmental and .... those are just a few in that list.

I have a few posts drafted but somehow I could not click on publish. They are saved waiting to be posted sometime or maybe never. Another reason for not publishing some of those notes was the fact that I couldn't seem to write a deserving introduction for this blog. So if you don't have a good start, you think you can't just begin posting random stuff from the middle! At least I thought so.

Today, I felt I have to write. My indescribable urge to write was strong enough that I didn't care much about how to begin, from the middle or even the end, With proper introduction or not. Today, I just decided to write because of the new feeling I have in my heart. This new feeling is not at all about all that bothers me. It is about me and the reasons I simply care to write. And hopefully here I can think out loud how I plan to do something, anything, about all that matters to me.

I know that last sentence is even more confusing than my usual English writing. But bear with me for a little while. I hope as days go by, as the feeling in my heart strengthen and as I try slowly to remember the joy of writing, I can elaborate about that feeling, about the reason that finally got me back to writing.