Saturday, January 7, 2012

Every morning from behind the bars
My child's eyes smile at me
As I begin happily to sing
His kissing lips near mine.

O God! If I need to fly out one day
From behind these lonesome bars
How will I answer this child's crying eyes?
Let me be, a captive bird am I!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Aryanna Yalda Joy!

On the day of your first birthday, I want to wish you happiness and love. I wish you fall in love with a man or woman who appreciates you and believes that just having you and your love is worth the whole world. I wish you company of a person who will never hurt you, cheat on you and will never question his love for you. If he does hurt you my love, you have to have a limit, for your patience and for your forgiveness. Endless of anything, will bring abuse. Above all, I wish you to be happy with who you are and will be one day. I wish that your ultimate happiness belongs to you only and you wont need someone to make you happy. Sharing the happiness that you already have will make a beautiful life. Have a beautiful life, my one year old love.