Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rain, rain and some more rain

Spring is nice, but we have been having spring showers since early winter. All this green comes with a price: long gloomy rainy days. I now know I could not live in London.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nowrouz 1392, Spring Equinox 2013.

Happy Nowrouz and first day of spring.
First day of spring is our new year, Iranian new year. We celebrate the first moments and the first days of spring as the nature is born again and earth goes green.
Around this time of the year I miss home more than usual. In Iran, everyone is busy and excited in preparation for the new year. It is like Christmas, but is not about religion. It is about celebrating renewal of nature and all that is good in the world, leaving negativity, illness and all that is bad behind. 
Matt, a very good friend, said to me a few days ago, " The Korean new year brought me blessings, and I hope you're just as blessed (or more so!) in the Iranian new year!" I hope he is right. I want to believe he is right and not just for me. I hope the new Iranian year brings prosperity, health and happiness to everyone in the world, including my people. Iranians can use a good year. They deserve a change for better, happiness and above all hope. 
Here is  to hope and new beginnings!

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Help! Help!"

That is a new phrase Aryanna uses frequently. If she wants you to open a bottle cap or give her a book she cant reach, she genuinely says, "help! help!" She says it with a very urgent tone and makes sure you know she means it. She doesn't think for a second if she is being appropriate or not. She simply needs help and doesn't care about any possible consiquesnces. Of course as a two year old she is on her way of learning about consequences like the rest of us, but her immediate honest expression of emotions makes me think how would life be being like her, with less convictions?
It is almost 6 months after my brain surgery and my vision is back to normal finally. I began looking for jobs in Jan. I love what I do, looking for jobs is not fun though. Especially if you feel that you don't know the codes, dos and don'ts. I applied for a Video Editor position. I received a phone call the same day I applied. I had the chance to talk to this very nice man who later I learned is the president of the company. I think the conversation went well. Learning more about the position, I got even more excited about the possibility of getting that job.
Now it is two weeks later, I noticed 85 people have applied for the same job! I wish there was a way I could tell the guy whom I had the phone interview with, how much I wanted the job and that I am confident I will be a great asset to his company.  I wish I  could say:  'Help! Help!' I really want this job, I will be good at it  and you will not regret hiring me." After the official cover letters and follow up notes, I wish I could make one different pitch to him; one as bold and as honest as my daughter's "Help! Help!"