Friday, April 21, 2017

Much overdue updates...

Guess What?
He became president.
It affected me and my life and many of the people I care about but we will survive. We always do.
I am part of that we. As much as I feel lonely, I am part of a collective us.
Us and them. Sad to see the world that way. Sadness doesn't take away one bit from reality.
I love teaching.
My most motivating, inspiring and content moments are when I teach.
The rest is just is.
In life, I am either busy to be feel lonely, or I am lonely.
It is what it is.
A few positive things:
William is absolutely cute and shares with me moments that melt my heart.
Aryanna is though. On the surface, less fighting than her brother, in reality one of the biggest challenges of my life. Love is always a challenge. I love her.
Teaching, I love teaching. Teaching is everything I need, the moments that I get to be me and feel that there is a reason for me to be.