Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Long time I haven't posted anything.
Things are much better now. Gabe and I are doing great. he has turned into a much more loving and caring person. He genuinely loves us, me and our little girl and the amount of love and care he shows me has helped me to get over a lot of sad things that happened in the first months of pregnancy.
Our little girl who actually has a name now but would stay a secret until her birth is doing great. Kicking and moving almost all the time. Most times making me smile, sometimes she causes me a lot of trouble, especially when she decides to be somewhere that causes me serious shortness of breath.
I still insist on saying that comparing to many women I know of my pregnancy has been a fairly easy one: I did have nausea and the first three month, some days all day but it wasn't that bad at all and it never interfered with my work or daily routines as much.
Although,as I am getting bigger, things are changing, I am getting uncomfortable doing many things now. Sitting behind a desk and editing, being over to get stuff from lower cabinets or emptying dishwasher is becoming painful. I know this is all part of the deal and I am not happy with myself complaining about it. Today is a bad day though, I have a lot of editing work to do for my job. Luckily, I can work from home when I only have editing work to do. When I have video shoots and meetings of course I have to go to work.
But even working from home is becoming more difficult and painfully slow. Today, I had cramps in my legs and the restless leg syndrome all day. I moved the hard drives from my usual work desk to the dinning table, then moved them to bed, them moved everything to the couch!! Nothing helped really and I am very behind in my work and that scares me. I just feel like crying. I begin each day with list of things I hope to accomplish, big part of it is a work to-do list. i also have some house work items in there and some exercise routine. It really bothers me that day after day I accomplish much less from these lists.
I guess this post is just a rant instead of sitting and crying and be over it. Between too many political and commercial robo-calls and my cat asking for food from 2 hours before when she is supposed to get it and my leg cramps and a belly that doesn't bend in any way, I found myself very exhausted. Sigh!
I hope tomorrow be a better day. I am not getting my hopes up though, I have been saying that for over a week now!