Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nowrouz 1392, Spring Equinox 2013.

Happy Nowrouz and first day of spring.
First day of spring is our new year, Iranian new year. We celebrate the first moments and the first days of spring as the nature is born again and earth goes green.
Around this time of the year I miss home more than usual. In Iran, everyone is busy and excited in preparation for the new year. It is like Christmas, but is not about religion. It is about celebrating renewal of nature and all that is good in the world, leaving negativity, illness and all that is bad behind. 
Matt, a very good friend, said to me a few days ago, " The Korean new year brought me blessings, and I hope you're just as blessed (or more so!) in the Iranian new year!" I hope he is right. I want to believe he is right and not just for me. I hope the new Iranian year brings prosperity, health and happiness to everyone in the world, including my people. Iranians can use a good year. They deserve a change for better, happiness and above all hope. 
Here is  to hope and new beginnings!

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  1. I too hope new year brings you, well, all of the above!
    Happy New Year!