Monday, July 19, 2010

A Better Future

I am already missing you. I hold a little fuzzy bunny and pretend to be holding you. I can't wait to feel your skin close to mine. You are my everything. So much has been going on in my life since you decided to be. At times it feels that you and I are in this fight for survival together. I need to remind myself that you are there, you are real and in few months you will be in my arms to remind me you are the only thing that matters. i need to remind myself that too often lately.

I am worried for you. I am worried for me. But as long as I know you are still there, hanging on to me and growing I will be fine.Please be there, ignore all the drama outside and be happy in your little innocent world. Soon you will be part of this world and all of its reality. For now ignore it all. Stay there calmly and grow. You will have a beautiful life. You will be a better future.

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