Friday, July 2, 2010

If it is a girl ...

He said, "if it is a girl, I make sure I will show up with a shotgun at the door when her boyfriend shows up the first time!" laughed and continued " so he knows I am not messing around, no one can hurt my daughter"

I thought, I wish all fathers show up at the door with shotgun. I wish mine had.

Better yet, how about neither of them do and instead be responsible for their own wife, fiance, girl friend. How about instead of threatening others not to do horrible things, we begin from ourselves and stop being horrible!

How about you don't hurt your wife? How about you make sure she knows you love her? Easier than that even, how about you not cheat on your pregnant wife who might be carrying the daughter you already have a shotgun ready for his future boyfriend?
Someone possibly like you...

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